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Serial Entreprenur/ Owner

I have owned over a dozen entrprises.  Some were purchases and others were fresh start-ups.  I have hired hundreds of employees, invested significantly in inventory, committed to long-term leases, and placed community reputation on the line.  I have faced all the risks you do, multiple times over.

CXO/ Partner

Some advisors warn against partnerships.  I love having partners.  They don't add together, they multiply the possibilities!  The key is leading alongside others who share the same philosophy of doing business, the same workplace values and the same company goals.  I have provided  the strategic, financial, marketing and HR leadership in companies, allowing partners or clients to be the technical, engineering or operations leaders they prefer to be.

Financial Analyst/ Interpreter

When a human heart does not beat efficiently, a doctor uses an EKG and interprets patterns to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.  A company's financial statements are its EKG.  I have been reading business patterns for decades and designing data mining processes to deeply analyze customer behavior, vendor efficiency, employee performance and internal cost management.

Angel Investor

As an experienced investor in other people's business ideas, not just my own, I understand the investor's perspective.  I have invested through five different angel and private equity groups around the country and regularly lead the "due diligence" process to help my co-investors determine whether a company looking for funding has the right mix of idea, managemetn and planning to be investable.

I have created the Huh?-2-Duh!™ (or H2D™) Executive Boards and the SIBYLL™ financial projection modeling tool in the process of deeply educating hundreds of clients.  I have provided hundreds of owners with the planning, forecasting and risk management tools they need to succeed at the hardest peacetime job in the world - operating a small business.

Entrepreneurial Educator

Keynote Presentations

From university incubators to industry trade gruops to community non-profits, I have addressed many groups in meetings and conferences across the country, providing inspirational and educational talks.  My style is to provide a visual experience on the screen (not slides filled with words).  I break down complex topics into clear building blocks to advance understanding and retention that can be instantly applied.

More About My Values 

Profit is Planned For, Not Chanced

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