Looking for help with a group?

On a stage?  At a conference table?

I am happy to speak to rooms of any size.


Or, perhaps that should read, “At a stage?  On a conference table?” — depending on how much emphasis you want placed on the message.

We can all relate with our experiences in a classroom between teachers who were talented at really getting a message across vs. teachers who could barely reach us.  In the same way that managing people requires a completely different set of skills vs. expertise at the task areas being managed, teaching people about something takes a completely different set of skills vs. merely being an expert at the things being taught.

In my seminars about sales, I constantly hammer on this concept: you need to really care about your customer’s best personal outcome.  You are going to care about something, so if it isn’t that, then it will probably be caring about your own personal best outcome.  A lot of folks struggle with the self-awareness to know the difference.  Self-awareness and self-centeredness are two different things!  Self-centered salespeople want to use any technique permitted to close as many sales possible that net them the most compensation available.  Only sometimes might the customer come away with the right solution, but to the salesperson, who cares?  Certainly not that one.

Well, self-centered professional speakers unfortunately range the same way, and I have heard a lot of them.  There are those who are focused on making their living and there are those who really, really  want to “move the needle” in every room they address, leaving their hearers significantly better off than they were.  Excellent teachers really care about their students’ success.

Perhaps that is why, at several early points in my career, I almost went into the classroom full time.  I still think about it sometimes.  Yet, I enjoy what I do even more so that when I talk about it, I really know what I’m talking about!

If you are reading this, then perhaps you are looking for some help filling-in a conference agenda, addressing a social gathering, or leading a workshop with a group of people that seem to be stuck or needing motivation to achieve the next level of performance.  Therefore, what you have read so-far either already resonates with you or not.  If it does, I list below some topical areas that I have often taught/spoken about.

But rest assured, I never really give the same talk twice.  My core values that I get across don’t change, but my methods do as the needs of a changing marketplace dictate.  So, an hour on stage is never just an hour of work, but often dozens in preparing for the unique needs of your group.  Please get in touch with me if I can help you.


Speaking Topics


Commoditization and eCommerce

This is a huge area of new thought focused on the effects of the technological marketplace on the work and value of people.

Preparation for Small Business Ownership

There are lions in the forest waiting to eat you, and my job is to show you where they are.

Pricing Theory

You may have heard of the economic concept of ‘what the market will bear’.  But as a producer, what can you bear?

Sustainable Business Practices

No, this is not about being green.  Taking the word “sustainable” back, this is a discussion about finance and/or management principles that are repeatable without killing your business.

The Real Art of Selling

Throw away all the how-to books and canned motivational sessions.  In an hour and a half, even the most novice salespeople will know all they need to know, aside from the unique technical expertise of their trade, to succeed with customers.

Generosity and Business?

Yes, business people can be generous with customers, employees and their communities.  The ones that are build more wealth than those who are not.

Small Business Buying and Selling

Looking to buy a small business?  Wishing you could sell one?  Whether aimed at entrance or exit strategies, how do you evaluate or prepare a business-for-sale can enable you to buy another house or lose the one you have.

Specialty Brand Management

The vast majority of specialty brands are small businesses too, no better prepared for excellence than the small retailers they supply.  This seminar explores what it takes to be in control of your own brand rather than letting the marketplace take control from you.

Association and Non-profit Workshop

There are plenty of legal and tax advisors, but it is much harder to find structured help with how to fund, staff, and promote membership-based ogranizations.  Trust me, most of the off-the-shelf help being offered that is easy to find isn’t helping you.  Principles here apply to church and religious organizations, too.

Staff Planning

Job classification and compensation commonly comes in too varieties: corporate systems that play to averages (bigger employers) or seat-of-the-pants juggling (small employers).  Big companies only want to pay consultants to help them be merely average.  For everyone else, I show you how to do staff planning that keeps you organized, your budget sane, and your employees incentivized.

Brand-building and Market Messaging

There is already plenty of marketing consulting focused on the technical know-how.  This talk is about how to really think about your brand, what you want it to mean to others, and messaging that cuts through the noise to resonate with people.

Staff Hiring Workshop

If you loathe the process of finding and hiring the right talent, learn a non-conventional method of advertising and interviewing that lets you see behind the walls of prospective employees and discover how compatible with your business they really are.

Managing Inventory

Mixing the analytical mind of financial management with the creative mind of product-selection and merchandising drives most people out of their minds.  Learn how the two can compliment rather than conflict and regain operational sanity.

Advocacy That Works

Unless a small business exists in the perfect legal/political environment, it cannot ignore the express lanes and/or roadblocks that government can represent.  Remembering that government officials are people, too, adapt the skills used with customers and employees to incentivize elected officials to work for you.

Consulting Consultants

Aimed at colleges of business, this is a single lecture or short series that helps to prepare “aspiring” consultants develop a real ability to help rather than waste client money “faking” it.