I love the American small business.  It proved the superiority of free-market Democracy, provides working people with access to ownership & influence in society, and is the most supportive setting in which communities of people are built.  Working for ten years in a corporate setting added perspective, but I have owned and most enjoyed owning small businesses and helping others in that context.

Yet I am comfortable working with entire industries at national levels too, where those industries are made up many small businesses.

Concurrently, I work in government advocacy at local, state and national levels for the benefit of small businesses and involved industries.  Things that I think, write and publicly speak about have included:

  • Concern about the increasing commoditization of people
  • Applying principles of business success to reforming government
  • Specialty brand positioning and management
  • Business barriers to entry – when they are too high or too low
  • Messaging the marketplace
  • Business ownership isn’t for everyone: being truly prepared
  • Culture within a business that shapes employees and customers
  • Avoiding politics and/or religion? – small business cannot afford it
  • Supply-side economics – the framework of free choice
  • Truly excellent customer service (not the trite tripe that passes for it today)
  • Mastery of selfless salesmanship –it does not require over-caffeination