Most who leave the educational environment to become a general consultant will not create much value.  They tend to borrow ideas from others who did create value and repackage those ideas with a bit of slick self-promotion for a fee.  The client gains aged, 80/20 information but usually pays too much for too little benefit.  (Bear in mind, some professions like accountants, attorneys, computer experts, etc. use the word ‘consultant’ but what they really offer are paid outsourcing of specific skills and tasks that they have expertise in doing over and over the same way each time.)

General business improvement consultants that can really help are ones who have been in the hot seat themselves more than a time or two.  Their expertise is rooted in experience at doing, not regurgitating something that someone else did.  In fact, good general business consultants are still doing, and their information is the most recent and relevant – fresh off the street.  Events move so fast in business today that by the time a solution becomes a book, a school class or a regular seminar, it may already be out of date.  Things I can help others with who are also busy doing:

  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Profitability Predictive Modeling
  • Marketing & Advertising Planning
  • Business Location Analysis
  • Financial Management & Reporting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Staff Planning & Compensation
  • Leading by Inspiration (Not Just Example)
  • Small Business Valuation
  • Exit Strategies & Buy/Sell
  • Startup Operations
  • Business & Capital Planning
  • Contracting & Negotiation including Vendor Agreements