I practice in small business, consulting in a range of different fields.  Lessons learned in one industry may often be applied to others, where such solutions become novel.  Most small business owners work their entire careers with relatively limited exposure to the inner workings of other trades.  Thus, many good ideas leveraged in one industry never get translated to another one unless someone bridges the gap.

Yet, I understand how sensitive information can be in localized business environments.  Large corporations share their financial results, report their customer successes and struggles, and announce who they rely on (including consultants) for help.  Small businesses are necessarily much more private and don’t publish this information which could otherwise harm how they are perceived in their communities.  Therefore, I keep my client list private.

I have direct experience working in and with:

  • Non-profits (religious, charitable, associations)
  • Information Technology / Software
  • Main-street Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Services
  • Food Service
  • Home Improvement
  • Auto Sales & Rental
  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Rental
  • Media Production
  • Sports Entertainment & Promotion
  • Creative Arts/Talent Management
  • Home Education Services
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • eCommunities and eCommerce
  • Banking / Finance
  • Janitorial & Maintenance