Retailing White Paper Published

white-paper-cover-image[Download Here] Although this paper was published for the benefit of the specialty bicycle retail industry, virtually any product industry that has a specialty component would benefit from the concepts this paper contains.

Simply drop out bicycle industry specific terminology and drop in parallel terms for another product.

Over the course of consulting for and assisting with the start-up and operation of a local bicycle shop in Manhattan, KS, lessons in economics learned long ago by others were still found to apply even as information technology is changing how products get bought and sold.  The monumental challenge presented to the ongoing sustainability of main street small businesses is this: are personal relationships with local product experts still essential to the health of the entire industry microcosm of that product?

This paper makes the argument that not only is it essential, but even a minor erosion of its existence can kill the industry.  Not only does this reduce opportunities for investors and employees, but it net harms consumers by removing quality choices from their reach.

The national trade association (NBDA) that underwrote the publication of this paper created a promotional video featuring a board member who has also served as the association’s president, and a member retailer: [VIDEO]