National leaders matter less than you think, and your leadership may matter more! Today’s post will be a bit off of my beaten path but I’m inspired. I went to an economic development lunch this week and heard from a panel of three business leaders in my community.  All have had their hands sharing the […]

And Do Customer Still Want Them? I do as much purchasing locally as I can.  But sometimes I can’t.  Can you relate? I have a locally owned bank I love.  Great owners, great employees – over 150 years of being in business.  I keep a credit card through them and have been able to solve […]

Even Well-Intentioned Freeloading Is Tiresome Have you heard the saying, “it takes money to make money”?  I don’t hear it as often as I once did, and this parallels a shift in attitudes I have noticed, both in business and in other aspects of culture. I do understand that for many, it is an unpopular […]