Good business stands tall on principle. Short can be a benign term used to describe length, but so often it conveys a sense of insufficiency. For example, coming-up-short, short shrift, shorting a company’s stock, shortness of breath or being short-handed. Indeed, life is short so we want to make the most of it, right? A […]

Not Sprinkled With Sugar Ever play one of those picture games where you look for what does not belong in the picture? Take a look at the picture on the left. If you spotted it, you’ve got to be asking yourself why a screwdriver is driven into the ground. It is to hold one of […]

The Importance of Production Planning You’re a farmer and you grow corn.  You face risks every year: severe weather, disease, infestation, perhaps even vandalism.  At harvest, you face the final risk, that of corn demand and supply.  You want a strong demand, without oversupply, that drives a strong price. Much is out of your control, […]

Hello, Predatory Discounting On another forum I participate on, a small business owner asks: how do internet retailers get away with retailing my goods at below my wholesale cost — isn’t predatory pricing illegal? U.S. antitrust laws, which prop the consumer up as an object of worship on the altar of price, had a few […]

Small-Business Is Often Forgotten I am regularly reading, and having forwarded to me, articles written by large consultancies and media companies that watch technology and consumer trends.  These firms impress with their multiple international offices, their long and impressive client lists, and their claims of representative market share.  Almost universally, the advice being offered today […]