Patient: “Just sort of all over!” I look at the financial statements of a lot of different small businesses.  Different in every way – business type, industry, size, longevity, financing methods, ownership styles, and financial performance (or lack thereof). If there is one common thread, it is that the vast majority of their financial statements […]

Just Tell Me The Good News. Any time I look for information about how small businesses fare financially, and any time someone sends me related articles and studies, I am left feeling like having just eaten a meal that wasn’t very satisfying, similarly unsure if it was healthy for me to consume. What I am […]

Who Cares? I received an email today aimed at small business owners titled “Instagram, Who Needs It?” Inside the email was the tagline, “Hashtag Your Way Into Your Customers’ Hearts”. The sole subheading within the body of the email said, “Use Hashtags to Build Community”. The email was from a company that sells costly software […]

Business Improvement and the 80/20 Rule I was asked yesterday, and am often asked, to recommend a book or a website to help someone operating a small business.  “What specifically do you need help with?” — “Oh, just getting better in general.” This is like telling your doctor that you don’t know where the pain […]

Retailing White Paper Published [Download Here] Although this paper was published for the benefit of the specialty bicycle retail industry, virtually any product industry that has a specialty component would benefit from the concepts this paper contains. Simply drop out bicycle industry specific terminology and drop in parallel terms for another product. Over the course […]