Delivering the CABDA Keynote February 4, 2015, I am grateful to have been asked to keynote speak at the inaugural breakfast at the CABDA Expo in Saint Charles (Chicago), IL.  (Announcement) Having recently enjoyed running a very successful bicycle shop for seven years with business partner Aaron Apel, I am looking forward to sharing my […]

Passable or Passé? The 2015 holidays are about to begin and America looks forward to Black Friday Eve. (When will calendar-publishers finally drop the old-fashioned name ‘Thanksgiving’?) Let’s review: Some years ago, the mania for holiday shopping discounts and deals superseded an 1869 gold market crash previously known as Black Friday.  American Express then designated […]

Let’s Get Marketplace Fairness Done. RTPA Congratulations is due to U.S. House Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah and his co-sponsors of the proposed Remote Transactions Parity Act of 2015. Finally, we have a bill proposed on the issue of fair nationwide collection of sales taxes that there is just no good reason for Congress to […]

Who Cares? I received an email today aimed at small business owners titled “Instagram, Who Needs It?” Inside the email was the tagline, “Hashtag Your Way Into Your Customers’ Hearts”. The sole subheading within the body of the email said, “Use Hashtags to Build Community”. The email was from a company that sells costly software […]

Not Sprinkled With Sugar Ever play one of those picture games where you look for what does not belong in the picture? Take a look at the picture on the left. If you spotted it, you’ve got to be asking yourself why a screwdriver is driven into the ground. It is to hold one of […]