Just Tell Me The Good News. Any time I look for information about how small businesses fare financially, and any time someone sends me related articles and studies, I am left feeling like having just eaten a meal that wasn’t very satisfying, similarly unsure if it was healthy for me to consume. What I am […]

But Access To The Haystack Is Gonna Cost Ya. Another thought to file under the “you get what you pay for” column. A retailer recently complained to me about an occasional but increasing incidence of customers looking for small parts in a category he sells (and used to sell much more of).  Yet as more […]

Good business stands tall on principle. Short can be a benign term used to describe length, but so often it conveys a sense of insufficiency. For example, coming-up-short, short shrift, shorting a company’s stock, shortness of breath or being short-handed. Indeed, life is short so we want to make the most of it, right? A […]

But Don’t Sing His Every Tune… My co-SCORE-mentor colleague and friend Mark Wolfson sent me this article written for EarlyToRise.com by Mr. Craig Ballantyne. Half-way through Mr. Ballantyne’s opening paragraph, I already knew who his award winner was, and I agree. Speaking purely scientifically and not politically, I have been watching the GOP race unfold […]

Delivering the CABDA Keynote February 4, 2015, I am grateful to have been asked to keynote speak at the inaugural breakfast at the CABDA Expo in Saint Charles (Chicago), IL.  (Announcement) Having recently enjoyed running a very successful bicycle shop for seven years with business partner Aaron Apel, I am looking forward to sharing my […]