I am an entrepreneurial consultant who is concerned about the increasing commoditization of people. Mutually beneficial relationships between people still drive the technical mastery of business.

Since exiting a senior engineering career in a Fortune 100 company I have bought, started, operated and/or sold a dozen small businesses in as many industries. Along the way I have also reformed boards and associations, and challenged entire industries to return to economic fundamentals. I serve in executive leadership positions on multiple national, state & local boards, chamber and city committees, and maintain active partner status in several small businesses.

I believe main-street small businesses are still the best economic driver for America’s prosperity.

Yours and my best work is done by pursuing the best – in, for and about – other people. The quality and ultimate value of effort is not measured only in units or dollars. It is the total benefit to the people who are now better off because of our work.

‘Better off’ can be financial but may also indicate a quality of experience, meeting a felt need or relieving stress. Do you create real value for your customers, employees and for yourself and your family along the way? If so, and if you could use some assistance in one or more ways to further enhance that, I'm happy to help.

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I practice in small business, consulting in a range of different fields.  Lessons learned in one industry may often be applied to others, where such solutions become novel.  Most small business owners work their entire careers with relatively limited exposure to the inner workings of other trades.  Thus, many good ideas leveraged in one industry never get translated to another one unless someone bridges the gap. (more…)

I love the American small business.  It proved the superiority of free-market Democracy, provides working people with access to ownership & influence in society, and is the most supportive setting in which communities of people are built.  Working for ten years in a corporate setting added perspective, but I have owned and most enjoyed owning small businesses and helping others in that context. (more…)

Most who leave the educational environment to become a general consultant will not create much value.  They tend to borrow ideas from others who did create value and repackage those ideas with a bit of slick self-promotion for a fee.  The client gains aged, 80/20 information but usually pays too much for too little benefit.  (Bear in mind, some professions like accountants, attorneys, computer experts, etc. use the word ‘consultant’ but what they really offer are paid outsourcing of specific skills and tasks that they have expertise in doing over and over the same way each time.) (more…)

If I may be of some service to you, please shoot me a note at the email address below. It is a picture, not a link, to cut down on spam offering me overseas inheritances. (Don’t get me wrong, their generosity is astounding but I believe in earning a living.)  I don’t list the rest of my contact information for the same reason, but know that you are important to me – I always respond to a genuine inquiry within 24 hours unless something really unusual is happening.  With my response, I will provide you with the rest of my contact information.


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